What We Do

Right from the Start works throughout Caerphilly County Borough. Supporting families with a variety of needs. We are a voluntary organization who receive funding from Supporting People, Flying Start and Aneurin Bevan Health Board, which separates into three main aspects of support.

Family Support Unit

In October 2010 Right From the Start was granted money from Supporting People to establish a small unit above our current project to accommodate 2 families.

We have 2 flats situated above our main offices, where we have the capacity to house two families. The family make up can vary to include young Mum’s, Dad’s or couples in an established relationship. This initiative has evolved to support families to develop life skills to go on to independent living within the community. Being a parent can be a daunting task Right From the Start are here to make the journey easier, giving your family a head start in family life.

The accommodation is a 2 bedroom flat fully furnished. You would have your own bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen, with an enclosed rear garden. Key workers are available between the hours of 9am till 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 4:30pm Friday.

Use of our crèche facility which enables you to interact with your child/children through play

Outdoor spaces and garden equipment, day trips and enrichment activities and access to formal and informal training opportunities.

Some of the support on offer through this project is:

  • Developing the life/parenting skills and confidence to move successfully in to independent living
  • Building constructive and positive relationships within the community.
  • Increasing awareness of personal/parental responsibility around safety and security.
  • Identifying with you training, education and employment opportunities.
  • Increasing awareness around yours and your baby’s development, wellbeing and better access to health services.
  • Practical sessions covering aspects such as cookery skills and DIY skills
  • All aspects of managing accommodation e.g. Home Safety, Hygiene, Routines and environment.
  • All aspects of Parenting and Child development
  • Budgeting, debt and financial management

If you have any questions or wish to discuss further please contact our office.

Housing Related Support

We have 2 fulltime and 3 Part-time Family Support Workers offering one to one individual support to families within their own home with housing related support needs. It focuses on services that are related to ensuring people can manage to live safely and securely in their own home. If you have any questions or require any further information please telephone the office.

The support is tailored to individual needs and includes:

  • Maintaining the security of the dwelling (support 'which assists the claimant in maintaining the security of the dwelling he occupies as his home')
  • Maintaining the safety of the building (support 'which assists the claimant with maintaining the safety of the dwelling he occupies as his home')
  • Compliance with the tenancy (support 'which is directed at assisting the claimant with compliance of those terms of his tenancy concerned with: Nuisance, rental liability and maintenance of the dwelling in an appropriate condition for the period for which the tenancy is granted.
  • The provision of general counselling or other support, which assists the claimant with contact with individuals or professional or other bodies with an interest in ensuring the claimants welfare.
  • Helping vulnerable people to manage their budgets and to access welfare benefits so they don't accrue rent or mortgage arrears and lose their homes.

The above list is not exhaustive, but it shows the type of support services considered to be housing related. However, the Programme does not cover health and social care services such as community meals and personal care such as bathing, toileting etc. Nor does it cover housing management and maintenance.

Examples of the types of support provided:

  • Emotional Support
  • Identify and access voluntary opportunities
  • Identify and access educational courses and employment opportunities
  • Identify and access appropriate grants
  • Identify and sustain appropriate accommodation
  • Home safety checks
  • Relocation and re-settlement support
  • Routines and home safety
  • Maximisation of income

Examples of Support Given
Client 1

  • Private rental with serious disrepairs and damp, Landlord refusing to fix.
  • £800 in arrears owed to United Welsh therefore no help from HA’s or Council
  • Support Worker Contacted and cleared the arrears
  • Support Worker got environmental health to inspect the property
  • Sent reports and photos to UW and Council
  • Client became priority and top on housing lists
  • Client offered and accepted 4 bed new house
  • Applied for DAF award approx. £1500 in Argos and electrical goods

Client 2

  • Father and teenage daughter evicted from his mother’s house just before Christmas
  • Support Worker Supported to find private rent
  • Applied for and received bond certificate and rent in advance
  • Applied for and received DAF; £812 on Argos and £1000 in electrical goods
  • Resettlement support provided.

Client 3

  • Young mum 23 weeks pregnant, 2 yr old daughter, homeless and sofa surfing
  • Within 2 weeks offe3red House with UW
  • Had no furniture. Support Worker applied for DAF awarded £791 on Argos Card, £300 on Homebase Card for flooring and £1000 electrical goods
  • Support Worker applied for Discretionary Housing payments to help with Bedroom Tax
  • Provided with ongoing resettlement work

Parenting Support

Our other main funding stream is a joint venture in partnership with Action for Children and funded through families First and Flying Start. Right from the Start deliver the Flying Start element of this funding.

We have 1 Fulltime and 3 Part time Support Workers who deliver 4 Parent Nurturing Programmes per term within the ten original Flying Start areas, which include Upper Rhymney, Lower Rhymney, Phillipstown, Fochriw, Abertysswg, St James, Graig y Rhacca, Hengoed Bargoed and Pantside.

What is the Nurturing Programme?

Children are rewarding, stimulating and fun, but looking after them can be stressful and challenging.

The Nurturing Programme helps deal with those challenges so that you can have a calmer happier life.

A tried and tested programme it helps us think about what we do, why we do it and how it makes us feel.

The Building Blocks of the Nurturing Programme

What does it Cover?

Over the 10 week programme, you will look at lots of different topics including:

  • Understanding why children behave the way they do
  • Recognising the feelings behind behaviour (ours and theirs)
  • Exploring different approaches to discipline
  • Finding ways to develop co-operation and self-discipline in children
  • The importance of looking after ourselves

Practical Information
There are ten 2 hour sessions with tea/coffee break
8-10 parents are invited and there will be two group leaders
Some groups will have a crèche provided this will be arranged with group leaders beforehand
You need to come for all ten sessions as the programme fits together like a puzzle
Partners are welcome and it’s also fine to come on your own or with a relative or friend

How the Nurturing Programme has helped other parents.

“I am a much more confident, positive and understanding parent. I feel much more able to cope now.”

“We are having less family arguments and the household is a lot calmer”

“The group was fun. It’s the only two hours I have for myself each week”

“The atmosphere was really relaxed. No one judges anyone and everyone was listened to and respected.”

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